Lost mine of phandelver

The Road to Phandalin

The group set out through the city's southern gates. For the first two days of their journey the adventurers followed the High Road, the major trade road that runs along the shores of the great Sea of Swords. Traveling along the road was fast paced and easy enough, though still they kept an eye out for dangers as bandits have been known to strike at unprepared travelers in hopes of an easy score. On the third day the turned eastward and began to work their way down the much smaller Triboar Trail. Just before the group decided to break for lunch at midday they happened upon a pair of horses that had been killed in the road. Further investigation found them to be the horses that Gundren and his companion had set out on. Suddenly, seeing that their distraction had worked, four goblins burst from their hiding places and rush towards the group and their wagon.

The adventurers make quick work on the goblin ambush crew and soon have one of them bound and tied as a prisoner. Signs point to the fact that the goblins have been using the location to ambush the road several times and they even discover a trail into the woods with marks of two humanoids being dragged. Following the trail through the woods leads the group to the goblin’s hideout, a cave in the face of a large hill, but no activity is able to be seen from outside.



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