Jimli Boulderholder


Major life events.

His town was attacked by Orc and goblin raiders. In trying to defend their home his elderly parents were killed and he along with his two brothers, Quarri and Drilli were taken as slaves along with many others.

Sold on as Gladiators and slaves to different orc and drow groups the group is split up but the 3 dwarf brothers are sold to the same orc chieftain Gorak, who likes making dwarfs suffer and taken hundreds of miles from home. Several years pass trapped under the rule of the orc, kept in appalling conditions as a slave and a gladiator. This is where Jimli learned to fight.

When a chieftain from another tribe visits Gorak, he wants to put on a show of power and organises a fight to show how superior his gladiators are. An exhibition fight was organised between Jimli and his brother Quarri. The brothers pulled no punches and it was a hard fought fight with ended with Jimli victorious stood over is brother, blade pointed at his throat. “As you can see my fighters are best there is!” Gorak boast to the rival chieftain who scoffs and says that without a death this fight was pointless and he is a weak leader. Angered by this Gorak barks at Jimli to finish him. Jimli refused causing Gorak to be humiliated. Gorak tells him to do it or he would bring out Drilli also and kill them all, Jimli is torn as to what to do. Looking up at his brother, Quarri told Jimli he had to do this and to promise to look after Drilli, find a way out and make the orcs pay for what they did to the clan. He then lunges upwards piercing his throat on Jimli’s blade. Jimli holds his brother as he passed into the halls of Moradin.

Jimli was then beaten/tortured as punishment for disobeying the Chief and making him look weak. Jimli lost an eye during the torture.

Jimli, his younger brother Drilli and the other slaves plotted a daring escape and months later at an Orc shamanic festival they struck.
During the escape and ensuing fight, Jimli managed to slay the Orc Chief and gain some vengeance for his fallen brother.
After the slaves escaped the underground orc camp, Jimli realised Drilli was not with them. Unable to go back and look for him due to a fire breaking out and engulfing the camp, Jimli and the others had to flee. Upon returning to the remains of the camp the next day Jimli found no signs of his brother.

Fearing the worst, lost and far from home, Jimli wandered aimlessly until stumbling his way through a forest guarded by Greta’s character Vegana. She tends to his wounds and points him towards the city guiding him there.

Jimli is chasing leads on rumours of slavers in the area or other criminal underworld elements that might give him a clue as to his brother’s fate.

Jimli managed to get a job as a bouncer at a tavern (maybe the tavern where the heroes enviably meet) in exchange for food and a bed. Any coin he earns he spends on ale mostly. But due to his frustration at rumours that lead to dead ends, an ever increasing drinking habit, and a foul temper (Barbarian rage) Jimli ends up causing more fights than he stops. Unsure of what to do or how to proceed Jimli falls into a deep depression. Until one day a familiar face returns and some unfamiliar faces arrive and the trail heats up.


Jimli is an honourable dwarf with a strong sense of right and wrong. This doesn’t mean he is a paragon of virtue though as he is often his worst enemy. Masking his pain at the loss of his family and his seeming inability to find any info about his brother, he drinks heavily and gets into rowdy bar fights in order to blow off steam. His temper whilst a hindrance in day to day life is a great asset in battle. Channelling his anger and rage into the fight.

He is usually first into the fight and is especially defensive of anyone who is downtrodden or defenceless (children, barmaids, homeless beggars etc.)

He lost his right eye being tortured by his orc captors and wears an eye patch to cover it.

His beard and head were shaven bald as a slave. A sign of great disrespect to the dwarf and a sore point of conversation if brought up. He has grown his beard back but has decided to keep his head shaved.

He bears the brand mark of the orc slavers on his left forearm which he keeps covered. But often looks at it when alone.


His brother Quarri, lost or even dead. Unknown to Jimli but he intends to find out.

Greta’s character- found Jimli in forest. Healed him and aided him in getting to city. One of the only friendly faces Jimli knows.

Tavern owner (if you have a tavern in the story then this could be his) – has a rocky relationship with the owner. Owner gave him a job as a bouncer after Jimli helped his daughter out who was being man handled by thugs in the street. Feels he owes Jimli debt but regrets the amount of brawling Jimli does. Daughter keeps convincing him not to sack Jimli.

Tavern owner’s daughter- feels sorry for Jimli and his situation and keeps an eye out for him, trying to keep him from too much trouble at the bar. Usually fails.

Jimli Boulderholder

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